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נυѕт Tнє gιяℓ nєχt dσσя ♥ α яσмαnTιc αт ѕωєєт ♥ ναмριяє αт мι∂иιgнт ♥ ωιтн тнє мι∂∂ℓє иαмє αωєѕσмє ♥ ¢ℓσѕєт ρσєт ♥ ραяαиσямαℓ вσσкωσям ♥ єαяρнσиєѕ gℓυє∂ тσ мυѕι¢¢к fяєαк ♥ ¢яαzу ρєяѕσи ∂αи¢ιиg ♥ ѕнσωєя ѕιиgєя ♥ ѕ¢αяf fαиαтι¢ ♥ ∂ιѕиєу gℓσмρєя ♥ уσυиg ρα∂αωαи αттяα¢тє∂ тσ ∂αяк ѕтυff ♥ ¢υяяєит ѕнιρ: συтℓαω qυєєи ♥ яєяєα∂ му fι¢ѕ, αѕк α ѕιℓℓу qυєѕтισи, ѕυвмιт ѕσмєтнιиg..ѕραякℓу, gινє мє fαимαιℓ ρℓєαѕє ♥ нєαят мє, вℓσg мє, fσℓℓσω мє. ♥ ι ∂αяє уσυ тσ. ♥ ρяσмιѕє ι ωσи'т вιтє. мυ¢н...♥ ♥ ღ ♥


му ѕнα∂єѕ σf яє∂

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Anonymous asked:
Prompt: Emma kisses Hook and he cannot focus for the rest of the day


A/N: I don’t know what’s happening but I can’t stop writing fluff *throws confetti* Post-TLK ;))


She’d kissed him. She’d actually kissed him. She’d made the choice, not to forfeit her magic, but to believe that True Love’s Kiss was powerful enough to break the curse that witch had cast on him. And the most astounding, surprising, unexpected thing was that it had

In a swirl of light and air and magic, Emma’s powers had been stripped from her, leaving her breathless and wide-eyed as she stood clutching him. His heart had broken, apologies spilling from his lips as his hand cupped her cheek and he stared at her with remorseful eyes, but she didn’t reply, simply watched him and waited. Then it happened abruptly — the rush of wind, the bright, blinding aura that encased her entire being, and the sudden burst of magic that exploded out of her and washed over him. 

It stole the breath from him and the next one he took was absolutely stunning — beautiful and overwhelming and healing and Emma. The storm that had been raging inside of him since her departure at the town line was soothed by the gentle ebb and flow of her light as it illuminated every shadowy, darkened part of his tortured and broken soul, and as he stood there with widened, confused eyes, the only thing he could say was her name.

“Swan,” he’d breathed. “Emma.

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“I could go for some ginger bread about now”

as a cute hot ginger haired boy walks in front of you -bff
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Reblog if you post OUAT


Especially Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan.. I’m looking for new blogs to follow!

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Fan Voice: Had you seen some of [Adelaide’s] work before? I mean, she’s been in Teen Wolf.

Toby Regbo: I hadn’t actually. I haven’t seen Teen Wolf; I’ve heard it’s filled with wolves. (x)


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